Fly-guide services are offered by Yeti Extreme asd And aimed at those pilots who are looking to fly in the beautiful area of Garda Lake and Mount Baldo, under a professional supervision, increasing confidence as well as improving general flying skills whilst learning more about flying in the mountains
This service is available for a day or half a day too. Our guiding service is extremely thorough and our instructors and help-instructors  will actually fly with you on every flight and will do briefings on the days flying sites and weather condition providing a high level standard of safety, organization and service.
Our fly-guide can accompany you through safe path and make sure that you’ll reach the highest peaks of Mount Baldo and then,  If you love walk and fly discipline, you’ll have the possibility to fly in thermal or glide slowly to the landing.
You can also decide to hike over the Baldo, spend the night in a refuge and flying completely relaxed  the day after.
Fly-guide wants to be a custom-made service and for this reason the price depends on the number of participants and specific requests.
The maximum number of participants admitted at the same time:  from 1 to 4.
Telephone: +39 345 8522387

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